Il rinnovamento dell’ermeneutica. Con e oltre Paul Ricœur

Parution - Revue :  Discipline Filosofiche, XXX, 2, 2020

Editors: Johann Michel and Carla Canullo


The title of a book that Jean Greisch published in 1985, L’âge herméneutique de la raison, aptly defines the cultural milieu in which Ricoeur’s work developed. At a time when hermeneutics mostly displayed the ontological traits given to it by Heidegger, Ricoeur traced a hermeneutical path that he would describe as the “long way”, since, having started from the hermeneutics of symbols, he had then engaged in a dialogue with the human sciences, history and literature. The many themes tackled by the French philosopher along his intellectual trajectory (epistemology, ontology, politics, ethics, memory, justice…), which constitute the different jalons of the long way he opened up, allow us to understand his contribution to philosophy as a “work in progress”, to use a term that emphasises its fertility. The articles of this issue of “Discipline filosofiche”, giving centre stage to “the renewal of hermeneutics with Paul Ricoeur and beyond”, are intended as part of this work in progress. They take up again some issues discussed by Ricoeur, but they also explore territories that are not usually associated with hermeneutics and that Ricoeur himself did not or could not explore, as they did not belong to his time. Those territories he certainly would not have considered as unrelated to Humanity. He would certainly have reoriented his “long way” in their direction, and hermeneutics now allows us to understand and interpret them by carrying forward the renewal he began. Read more