Summer Workshop Award

The Excellence Award at the Fonds Ricœur’s Summer Workshops by the Fondation Goélands

In 2019, the third of these workshops was organized by Azadeh Thiriez Arjangi and Geoffrey Dierckxsens, and it was dedicated to “Freud and Philosophy: An Essay on Interpretation”. On that occasion, the Fondation Goélands  launched an annual Excellence Award for the best paper presented at the Summer Workshop. The winner receives a sum of 1 000 euros and, within 6 months of the Summer Workshop, has their text published in the journal Études Ricœuriennes/Ricœur studies under the heading “Varia.”

All doctoral or post-doctoral researchers, who have been selected to present a paper at a particular Summer Workshop and who wish to apply, are eligible for this prize.
The paper can be delivered in French or in English, and its length must correspond to the 20-25 minutes allowed for the oral presentation at the Summer Workshop (Maximum number of characters, including spaces and notes: 35000).


Evaluation Critera 


The Jury for the Fonds Ricœur’s Summer Workshops’ Excellence Award is chaired by Jean-Luc Amalric – its evaluation criteria are the following:
As every year the Fonds Ricœur’s Summer Workshop is dedicated to a specific work by Paul Ricœur, the Jury favors contributions that place that work at the center of their reflection.
It then assesses the scientific quality of the proposed oral presentation: that is to say its accuracy, its argumentative rigor, and its possible mastery of the secondary literature on the subject.
Lastly, the Jury particularly values the originality of the presentation, that is to say its specific contribution to Ricœurian research and the novelty of the proposed thesis.


*Housed by the Fondation pour l'Enfance, recognized as being of public benefit, the Fondation Goélands is

dedicated to two causes: the fight against genetic diseases (funding studies or research projects) and
support for young high school students and underprivileged students (awarding of grants and
financing of equipment, etc.).



2021- The Rule of Metaphor 


The text of the paper must be sent before 1 June 2021 to:



2019- Ricœur reading Freud

The Excellence award of 2019 was handed to Ana Lucia Montoya.


The jury for the Excellence Award was composed as follows:

President of the jury
Jean-Luc Amalric, Editorial Director of the journal Étude ricœuriennes/ Ricœur Studies, Professor of Philosophy of Arts and Design in preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles, Research Fellow at the Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (École des hautes études en sciences sociales)
Jury members
Daniel Frey, Professor of Philosophy and Psychology of Religion at the University of Strasbourg
Geoffrey Dierckxsens, researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague
Jeanne-Marie Gagnebin, Professor of Philosophy at the Pontifical University of São Paulo
Morny Joy, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Religious Studies of the University of Calgary