Published Posthumously


Living Up to Death - 2009


Translated by David Pellauer

When French philosopher Paul Ricœur died in 2005, he bequeathed to the world a highly regarded, widely influential body of work which established him as one of the greatest thinkers of our time. He also left behind a number of unfinished projects that are gathered here and translated into English for the first time.



On Psychoanalysis. Writings and Lectures - 2012


This book - the first volume of Ricœur's writings and lectures - brings together texts which appeared between 1966 and 1988. It is published under the auspices of Le Fonds Ricœur.





Hermeneutics. Writings and Lectures - 2013

Paul Ricœur’s contribution to the theory of interpretation, or hermeneutics, is considerable: he ranks among the masters of this discipline alongside Schleiermacher, Dilthey, Heidegger and Gadamer. In addition to major works like The , Conflict of Interpretations he wrote many articles and shorter texts which deserve to be discovered and rediscovered. These allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the development of his work over time and to appreciate the full range of his contribution.



Being, Essence and Substance in Plato and Aristotle - 2013

This unique volume comprises the lectures that Ricœur gave on Plato and Aristotle at the University of Strasbourg in 1953-54.
Ricœur’s lectures offer a brilliant analysis of the great works of Plato and Aristotle which has withstood the test of time. They also provide a unique insight into the development of Ricoeur’s thinking in the early 1950s, revealing that, even at this early stage of his work, Ricœur was focused sharply on issues of language and the text.




Philosophical Anthropology - 2016

How do human beings become human? This question lies behind the so-called ?human sciences.? But these disciplines are scattered among many different departments and hold up a cracked mirror to humankind. This is why, in the view of Paul Ricœur, we need to develop a philosophical anthropology, one that has a much older history but still offers many untapped resources.




Ricœur and Castoriadis in Discussion
On Human Creation, Historical Novelty, and the Social Imaginary - 2017


This book features a highly significant discussion between Paul Ricoeur and Cornelius Castoriadis. Recorded for Radio France (Culture) in 1985, it is the only known encounter between these two great philosophers of the imagination. Their wide ranging conversation covers such themes as the productive imagination, human creation, social imaginaries, and the possibility of historical novelty; it reveals points of surprising commonality as well as divergence in their approaches. The dialogue is supplemented by critical essays by specialist scholars in Castoriadis and Ricoeur studies, and includes contributions from Johann P. Arnason, George H. Taylor, François Dosse, Johann Michel, Jean-Luc Amalric, and Suzi Adams.