access conditions


The working library and Ricœur room :


Opening hours:

Monday, Thursday, and Wednesday: from 2 pm to 6 pm

Tuesday and Friday: with registration. Contact: a-m.isliwa(at)ipetheologie(dot)fr 




Visits to the Ricœur room are possible without registration, up to capacity.

Access to the books and to the work stations require prior registration, dependent upon presentation of a research plan or a letter of interest addressed to the Conseil Scientifique of the Fonds Ricœur , 83 Boulevard  Arago, Paris 75014 and conditional upon space being available. It may be necessary to limit the use of work stations, if too many researchers wish to use the area at the same time, and in such an eventuality priority will be given to those who need intensive access over a short timescale.


Ricœur archives (by appointment):

Use of the archives is regulated by the Editorial Committee, which was given the moral authority to do so, by the will and testament of Paul Ricœur. The archives are available for consultation by appointment only, to researchers, teachers and students who have registered successfully, and in the presence of a member of the Fonds Ricœur team.

Contact: marc.boss(at)iptheologie(dot)fr