access conditions


The working library and Ricœur room 

The visit to the Ricœur Hall is open without registration, within the limits of admissible visitors. Access to the consultation of books and workstations in the Library section requires registration. It is done at the reception desk of the Documentation Centre and subject to availability.

Researchers working on Paul Ricœur’s work who are up to date with their annual subscription for the Association des anciens et des actuels chercheurs du Fonds Ricœur (Alumni of the Fonds Ricœur) may benefit from free registration for the Fonds Ricœur and the Raoul Allier library.

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Opening times of the Fonds Ricœur (2021-2022)
From Monday to Thursday - 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.



Ricœur archives (by appointment):


Rules for consulting the archives
The Fonds Ricœur's physical or digital archives are accessible to accredited researchers, professors and students. Accreditation is delivered by a specific commission coordinated by the Director of the Fonds Ricœur. The application for accreditation must include a summary of the research project, the list of documents to be consulted, and the planed period of consultation.

Physical archives (not yet digitized)
These archives must be consulted on site.

- An application form must be completed prior to
any consultation of archives.
- It is imperative that the consultation of documents be done
on the table placed for this purpose in the archive area.
- It is not possible to consult more than one file at a time.
- When consulting the archives, only the use of pencils and paper is allowed.
- No archive reproduction (photocopying, photographing, scanning, etc.) is allowed.


Digital archives
The Fonds Ricœur is gradually digitizing the archives with the agreement of the rights holders.
These digitized archives can be consulted on a dedicated workstation by
accredited researchers who request it. The consultation on site is the rule.

The temporary availability of some digitized archives may be considered, on an exceptional basis, with the authorization of the Accreditation Commission.

The request must be made as part of the request of accreditation.

The provision of digitized archives is done on a private basis.
It does not constitute disclosure of the work and does not give any right to
disclosure. In addition to the fact that they will have to comply with the general conditions
of quotation and publication of the archives (see below),
persons with access to the digitized archives are not allowed to
transmit, or disclose them (private transmission, online release, etc.).
The files are to be deleted at the end of the project.
Accredited persons will contractually commit themselves to provide
the following information, validated by their home institution:

- Document storage condition
- Rules applied for access restriction
- Regular report on the use of documents
- Notification of the end of the research project

Quotes and publications
Accredited persons commit themselves to respect the following terms:

- All work done after consulting the archives (physical or digital) must mention it, with explicit reference to the Fonds Ricœur, whether or not the documents consulted are cited.
- Researchers may quote short passages from archival material in their work (up to 5 consecutive lines); beyond that, the use of unpublished sources may only be made with the written permission of the Editorial Committee and the rights holders, in accordance with the rules of literary and artistic property and by mentioning the exact references within the Ricœur archives.
- In the case of correspondence, no mention or quotation may be made without the written agreement of the rights holders and third parties concerned.