International Workshop: Forgiving and Forgetting - Thinking after Ricoeur


International Workshop on: Forgiving and Forgetting - Thinking after Ricoeur


Soochow University (D1005), Taiwan - Saturday 27 april 2019.


Registration: No need, please visit the frontdesk of our department during the activity at D1005.

0915-0920 Welcome Adress

0920-1030 Keynote Speaker: Prof. Guilhem Causse,  « Forgiveness and Forgetting: to Bind and Unbind" / Pardon et oubli : lier et délier » 

1030-1045 Coffee break

1045-1130 Morny Joy, "Fragility, Forgetfuness, and Manipulated Memory"

1130-1300: Lunch

Round Table

1300-1330 Hsueh-i Chen, "Past and Becoming Between Memory and History"

1330-1400 Miaofen Chen, "Aesthetics
of Law: Interpreting Memory and Restorative Justice"

1400-1415 Coffee break

1415-1445 Ming-Yeung Cheung, "Ricoeur
on amnesty and just memory, and their relationship with transitional justice"

1445-1515 Ch'en Jieh-hua, "Translating Oneself unto Being/As Another.Translating Paul Ricoeur unto Being/As an
Etymon;  Or, Random Notes Toward a Structural Semantics of  'Forgiving' and 'Forgetting'
Apropos Wong Nao As a Tale-teller in the Japanese Reign of Taiwan"

1515-1545 Cristal Huang, "Forgetting in Memorizing"

1545-1615 Discussion