Paul Ricœur Association

The Paul Ricœur Association was created in 2010. It aims to draw together those who work around Ricœur’s philosophy, to nurture and broadcast his thoughts; at both the national and international level.


The Association participates in and contributes to the ongoing operation of the Fonds Ricœur, which is located in the library of the Faculté Théologie Protestante, in Paris. This enables the Association Paul Ricœur to partner with scientific events around Ricœur’s school of thought. The Association also contributes to the organization of conferences and organizes public debates related to Ricœur’s philosophy.


The Association is fundraising in order to ensure its ongoing growth and development. If this opportunity is of interest to you, you can support scholars both young and seasoned who work on Ricœur’s philosophy and participate internationally.


The Association seeks to bring together people and organisations from across the globe; with varied philosophical, cultural, and political views.


Pr. Didier Sicard is President of the Paul Ricœur Association. Board of Directors composition is: Marie-Christine Barthélémy (Besançon), Catherine Goldenstein, Pierre-Olivier Monteil, Olivier Mongin, Roland Reitter, Nathalie Ricoeur-Nicolaï (Treasurer), Sebastian Roman, Jean-Louis Schlegel, Marie-Noële Sicard (General Secretary), Jérôme Porée (Rennes), Azadeh Thiriez-Arjangi.