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    Études Ricœuriennes / Ricœur Studies : Vol 11, No 2 (2020)


    Thinking Time

    Guest Editor: Olivier Abel


    Over the span of the last 10 years, since the first publication of the journal and the opening of the Fonds Ricœur to the public, we have aimed to jointly interrogate one of the great Ricœurian questions, the question of time. From the incisive essays of History and Truth to the ample Memory, History, Forgetting,1 including the three volumes of Time and Narrative, the theme of time has been one of the primary axes of Ricœur’s work. Thus, the question of time has been a main interest of the “intellectual collective” who contribute to the journal.

    Vol 11, No 2 here

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  •     The Rule of Metaphor

    The Fourth Edition of the Fonds Ricœur's Summer Workshops
    Co-orgnized with the Society for Ricœur Studies

    Online Summer Workshop June 17-19, 2021. The Society for Ricœur Studies and The Fonds Ricœur have released a call for abstracts here.

    Please submit your abstracts (600- 1000 words) and your detailed bibliography by March 31, 2021 to


    Call for Papers
    Études Ricœuriennes / Ricœur Studies
    Volume 12, N°2 (2021)
    « Paul Ricœur and the Problem of Space »


    Guest Editors: Maria Cristina Clorinda Vendra and Paolo Furia

    Editors: Ernst Wolff, Jean-Luc Amalric
    Space is a polysemic concepts whose meanings are addressed in different disciplines, such as physics, astronomy, physical and human geography, cultural anthropology, architecture, urbanism, and planning. Contemporary philosophers and social scientists have only recently realized the complexity of this concept.



    The KU Leuven was pleased to host the International Ricœur Conference 2020, fifty years after he started his seminars at this institution. Today, the work of Paul Ricœur enjoys wide, international recognition. On this occasion, we would like to study the ways in which he has come by this recognition and that which may still be owed to him. In order to do this, it is necessary to situate his work in the different worlds of its reception. More Information


    You can listen to the Keynote speakers here


    Organizing Committee: Ernst Wolff (KU Leuven), Blake Scott (KU Leuven), Pierpaolo Betti (KU Leuven)

  • Études Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 11, N°1, 2020)

    “Paul Ricœur: The Challenges of the Language”


    Today, Ricœur’s philosophy of language is the subject of precise understanding, which facilitates a better appreciation of its importance in the overall economy of his work. New publications, scientific developments and re-evaluations of his comments of classical authors have made it possible to correct certain readings of Ricœur’s concepts and theses. Some adjustments are minor; others are more serious, allowing us to assess the approximations, even the errors, in Ricœur’s work.


    Guest Editor : Philippe Lacour

    Philippe Lacour is Adjunct Professor at the Philosophy Department of the Federal University of Brasilia (Brasil).


  • Postponed to 2021


    Fourth edition of the Fonds Ricœur's Summer Workshop co-organized with the Society for Ricœur Studies: “The Rule of Metaphor.”

    Due to recent developments in the health situation concerning the prolonged closure of the borders of the Schengen Area and many countries abroad, the fourth edition of the Summer Workshop, which was scheduled to take place in June 2020, has been postponed to June 2021.  The theme will be maintained. A new call for proposals will be launched in December 2020.

  • Workshop : Interpreting Technology. Ricœur on Philosophy and Ethics of Technology


    Friday 13 March 2020


    Due to the curent health situation, the workshop has been canceled and wil be re-scheduled.


    Organisers :


    Alberto Romele | Lille Catholic University; Mark Coeckelbergh | University of Vienna; Wessel Reijers | European University Institute; Jean-François Houle | Fonds Ricœur (EHESS et U. Laval);   Monica Gorza | Fonds Ricœur (Sorbonne Université)


    De 9.15 am à 7.45 pm - Fonds Ricœur, IPT, 83 Boulevard Arago, Paris


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  • News from the Fonds Ricoeur's team.


    After spending about ten years at Fonds Ricœur as a librarian and digital archives specialist, Olivier Villemot retired last September.

    Astrid Theveneaux, librarian at the Institute Protestant de  Théologie since 2007, has taken over at the Fonds Ricoeur and is now welcoming the researchers.



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