• Fonds Ricœur Summer Closing 2020


    The Fonds Ricœur is currently closed to the public.
    It is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, September 1 at the usual times (Tuesday to Friday, 2 to 5 p.m.).

    It is not possible to reach us by phone during this time, but the phone service will resume on Monday, August 24.

    You can nevertheless leave a message on the answering machine.

    The librarian in charge of the Fonds Ricoeur's documentary resources remains available by e-mail until July 31, and will be available again from August 24. Contact:

    To keep you informed of the latest news from the IPT Paris Documentation Centre and the health conditions of the recovery, please consult the home page of the online catalogue.


    Books recently received at Fonds Ricœur - 2020


    Ricoeur and the third discourse of the person: from philosophy and neuroscience to psychiatry and theology,  Michael T. H. Wong, Lanham (Md.),  Lexington books, 2019.


    This book is about the so called “4S” challenge – how does or can or should someone say something to someone about something? This challenge is getting more intense day by day in our contemporary globalized world, increasingly connected by science and technology through telecommunication and all sorts of social media, where people are acutely aware of the diverse views on culture, politics, economics, religion, ethics, education, physical health and mental wellbeing, which are very often in conflicts with each other. This book arises from the reading of the dialogue between two internationally renowned and respected French scholars, Jean-Pierre Changeux and Paul Ricoeur, What Makes Us Think? A Neuroscientist and a Philosopher Argue about Ethics, Human Nature, and the Brain, which explores where science and philosophy meet, and whether there is a place for religion in the 21st century. This book develops on the ideas Ricoeur raised in the dialogue about the need for “digging deeper” and a “third discourse” as a way forward to improve dialogues between competing worldviews and ideologies. It attempts to formulate a “third discourse” (as distinct from ordinary language as “first discourse” and various scientific or professional/specialist languages as “second discourse”) to address the burning issue of fragmentation of the person through overcoming the alienations between established discourses of philosophy, science and theology, without doing injustice to the unique and indispensable contributions of each of these discourses. It argues that such a “third discourse” has to go beyond dualism and reductionism. To achieve that, this new way of talking about the lived experience of the person is going to take the form of a non-reductive correlative multilayered discourse that has the capacity to, as expressed in the language of the hermeneutics of Ricoeur, “explain more in order to understand better.”


    Presentation in the library's catalog


  • Études Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 11, N°1, 2020)


    The last issue of Études Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 11, N°1, 2020) 

    is now available online.


    It is entitled :


    “Paul Ricœur: The Challenges of the Language”

    The volume was edited by Philippe Lacour, guest editor.




  • Postponed to 2021


    Fourth edition of the Fonds Ricœur's Summer Workshop co-organized with the Society for Ricœur Studies: “The Rule of Metaphor.”

    Due to recent developments in the health situation concerning the prolonged closure of the borders of the Schengen Area and many countries abroad, the fourth edition of the Summer Workshop, which was scheduled to take place in June 2020, has been postponed to June 2021.  The theme will be maintained. A new call for proposals will be launched in December 2020.

  • Workshop : Interpreting Technology. Ricœur on Philosophy and Ethics of Technology


    Friday 13 March 2020


    Due to the curent health situation, the workshop has been canceled and wil be re-scheduled.


    Organisers :


    Alberto Romele | Lille Catholic University; Mark Coeckelbergh | University of Vienna; Wessel Reijers | European University Institute; Jean-François Houle | Fonds Ricœur (EHESS et U. Laval);   Monica Gorza | Fonds Ricœur (Sorbonne Université)


    De 9.15 am à 7.45 pm - Fonds Ricœur, IPT, 83 Boulevard Arago, Paris


    Read more

  • News from the Fonds Ricoeur's team.


    After spending about ten years at Fonds Ricœur as a librarian and digital archives specialist, Olivier Villemot retired last September.

    Astrid Theveneaux, librarian at the Institute Protestant de  Théologie since 2007, has taken over at the Fonds Ricoeur and is now welcoming the researchers.



  • The 2019 Paul Ricœur Prize is awarded to Serge Audier


    The 2019 Paul Ricœur Prize is awarded to Serge Audier for his book L'âge productiviste. Hégémonie prométhéenne, brèches et alternatives écologiques, published by La Découverte.


    Created in 2011 by the Association Paul Ricœur on a biennial basis, the Paul Ricœur Prize aims to reward an author who contributes to reflection and public debate in a form that enters into dialogue with the work of Paul Ricœur.







    Fonds Ricœur wishes you a very Happy New Year 2020!


    Le Fonds Ricœur vous présente ses meilleurs vœux pour l’année 2020!


    El Fonds Ricœur les desea muchas felicidades para este Nuevo Año 2020!





  • Études Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 10, N°1, 2019)



    The last issue of Etudes Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 10, N°1, 2019) is now available online.


    It is entitled Philosophy of Memory

The volume was edited by Jeffrey A. Barash



  • Conference/debate : What Makes Us Think? Nature and Rule


    20 years after the exchange between Jean-Pierre Changeux and Paul Ricœur on the subject of cognitive sciences, the Paul Ricœur Association in partnership with the Fonds Ricœur invites you to a debate between Lionel Naccache, Jean-Claude Ameisen and Didier Sicard. Free admission upon registration, subject to availability. To book, please send an email to the following address:


    The conference will be held in French.

    Thursday 19th December 2019 - 6pm.

    IPT, 83 Boulevard Arago, 75014 Paris, France


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