Études Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 11, N°1, 2020)

Études Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 11, N°1, 2020)

“Paul Ricœur: The Challenges of the Language”


Today, Ricœur’s philosophy of language is the subject of precise understanding, which facilitates a better appreciation of its importance in the overall economy of his work. New publications, scientific developments and re-evaluations of his comments of classical authors have made it possible to correct certain readings of Ricœur’s concepts and theses. Some adjustments are minor; others are more serious, allowing us to assess the approximations, even the errors, in Ricœur’s work.


Guest Editor : Philippe Lacour

Philippe Lacour is Adjunct Professor at the Philosophy Department of the Federal University of Brasilia (Brasil).