Summer Workshop


Summer Workshop June 25 to 29, 2018

Second Edition


One Book. One theme. This is the formula underpinning our annual Summer Workshop co-orgnised by the Fonds Ricœur and the Society for Ricœur Studies, taking place in Paris. The book selected for our 2018 edition is The Symbolic of Evil. The Summer Workshop will be held from June 25 to 29, 2018 at 83 BD Arago, 75014 Paris. 


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Summer Workshop - Second Edition, 2018


Summer Workshop, June 26 to 30 juin, 2017

"Rethinking Ideology and Utopia: 30 Years Later"


Co-organised by the Society for Ricoeur Studies and the Fonds Ricœur at Fonds Ricœur - 83 bd. Arago, 75014 Paris



The Society for Ricœur Studies and The Fonds Ricœur have released a call for abstracts on eight topics in English only and eight topics in French only.

Please submit your abstracts (600- 1000 words) and your detailed bibliography to - Extended deadline : March 10, 2017

Call for papers


The Association Paul Ricœur is proposing three sponsorships for 200 euros each to participate in the Paris Summer Workshop "Rethinking Ideology and Utopia: 30 Years Later". You have until March 24th to apply. If you are European - all the scholars that live in Europe, and you do not live in Paris, kindly send us your resume as well as a cover lettre.

Please mention if you already have any scholarships.

You can apply at: