A companion to Ricoeur's fallible man

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A companion to Ricoeur's fallible man, Scott Davidson (Ed.), Lanham, Lexington books, 2019.


Table des matières : "The Kantian architecture of Ricoeur's Fallible man" / Scott Davidson. Part I : Historical influences. "Imagination and religion : the myth of innocence in Fallible man" / Daniel Frey ; "Karl Jaspers : the clarification of existence" / Jérôme Porée ; "Reflection, the body, and fallibility : the mysterious influence of Marcel in Ricoeur's Fallible man" / Brian Gregor ; "The limitation of the ethical vision of the world : the influence of Jean Nabert" / Scott Davidson. Part II : Thematic avenues. "The imagination : from ideation to innocence" / Luz Ascárate ; "Making sense of (moral) things : Fallible man in relation to enactivism" / Geoffrey Dierckxsens ; "The self is embodied and discursive : tracing the phenomenological background of Ricoeur's narrative transformed the notion of character of Fallible man" / Pol Vandevelde ; "The quest of recognizing one's self" / Timo Helenius ; "Finitude, culpability, and suffering : the question of evil in Ricoeur" / Jean-Luc Amalric.


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